Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Eats

I’m pretty disappointed with my eating this weekend. Not only did I eat WAY too much candy, but I don’t think I ate anything green the entire weekend. I did have a few decent meals here and there, but I definitely went overboard with my snacking which was no bueno.

The issue comes down to poor planning on my part. I know from past experience that having an idea of what I’m going to eat generally keeps me on track. Unfortunately, I failed to think the majority of my meals through (beforehand), which was problematic for me.

So with that, I’m headed into this week with a plan. I’ll be cooking on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and using those leftovers for lunch and dinner for Wednesday and Thursday. I’m looking forward to getting back on track. I’ll keep y’all posted =)


  1. HI Jennifer, I'm going to try your skinny cow snacks. I love snacks too but my favorite is cheetos.. not so healthy. ha ha. I too blew it this weekend. I need to go for a walk but its cold outside. a lame excuse I know. Take care and nice getting to know you.Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      Awww, don't be too hard on yourself. This was not the best week for me, but I'm determined to keep pushing along =) That's what I'm trying to do differently this time around...just keep moving's the only way I'm gonna be successful with this.

      Have you tried baked Cheetos? They're pretty tasty, and much better when it comes to calories and fat. They might be worth a try if you're interested.

      Nice getting to know you as well =)