Friday, November 23, 2012

NaBloPoMo is almost over

This month I signed up to participate in National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo)

Basically, NaBloPoMo required that all participants commit themselves to blog everyday for the month of November...yes everyday...rain or shine. When I initially signed up, I doubted that I'd even last a week. But, I'm happy to say that I've lasted the entire month. Looking back, there were a lot of things I learned about blogging, but perhaps the most important lesson I learned was not to doubt myself. I think I mentioned in an earlier post how I have a tendency to count myself out of things before I even begin. I   mean, if I don't believe in myself, why should anyone else, right?

Anyway, I don't have a clear plan to "fix" the negative self talk that I so frequently do, but I am so ready to throw it out for good! One thing that I think will help is to continue to set goals for myself so that I can work on retraining my mind. I plan to focus on this area quite a bit in 2013.

Hang in there NaBloPoMo more week to go!!!


  1. Oh my, do I connect with what you wrote.... "if I don't believe in myself why should anyone else?" I am frequently asking myself the same question. And yes, I am right there with you - shocked that I've made it 23 days in so far, with only a week to go! Great work, and I'll see you at the end of the month with a smiling sense of accomplishment!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comments =) I actually think I'm gonna miss blogging everyday...I think, LOL.

    I am working on retraining my mind to eliminate the negative self talk. Through lots of hard work and prayer I think I can get a lot better, but it certainly won't come easy. Luckily, I'm finally fed up enough to work on making a change in this area. We can do this! =)

  3. Don't stop! Keep the momentum going!