Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Right now, I'm in class and thought I'd be able to hang without eating. Even though I get out late, I thought I'd be able to hold off on eating until after class.

Well ladies and gentlemen....IM OFFICIALLY STARVING. I've got no change to go to the vending machine, no snacks (I ate my trail mix already) and I have an hour and a half left in class. While digging around in my bag I found a cookie that someone gave me about 2 weeks ago ( I was happy I didn't give into temptation) and I'm totally going to eat it. God bless the dear soul that gave it to me, LOL. I know its gross, but it'll be our little secret....right :)

Well back to class I go....have a good night everyone.


  1. I didn't even hear you. But I'd eat it. Pick off any fuzz first and go for it. Congratulations on your weight loss that is wonderful!! and also on finishing Nov. blogging. Are you doing Dec>> I'm not.. love to you,Diana

    1. LOL, Thanks! Yeah, I was so happy to see that cookie I could have cried, lol.

      Congrats to you on NaBloPoMo as well! We made it! I'm thinking I'm gonna take Dec. off to relax and also learn come coding to help spruce up my blog. I'll do some posts here and there, but nothing daily (I don't think). We'll see though.