Thursday, November 15, 2012

Focusing on family (not food) this Thanksgiving

I'm so excited about Thanksgiving that I can hardly contain myself! This is the first holiday that my family will spend together since my mother retired and moved to Georgia. Even though she and I talk (and text) daily, there's nothing like being able to spend some good 'ole quality time together and I'm really looking forward to it!

This will also be the first Thanksgiving where she and I are both on Weight Watchers together. As a matter of fact, she has lost 31 lbs thanks to eating right and counting points at every meal. I'm so proud and excited for her. At 63, she continues to prove that age is no match for hard work, will and determination...she's truly an inspiration.

I also think that because we're both on the plan, we will be much more mindful of how much we eat. Food has always played a major role in how we spend time together. Whether we were enjoying an afternoon out shopping, or at home watching football, food was ALWAYS in the mix. This holiday, I hope that the combination of us both being on Weight Watchers, along with not seeing each other (for a while), will shift our focus away from the lure of overeating, and on to enjoying the holiday together as a family. I'll keep you guys posted =)

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  1. Oh for the love of food! I would not be able to stay within my points range on Thanksgiving